August 24, 2023

Hazardous Behavior

Sometimes I find myself so busy writing game stuff that I find it really hard to find the time to work on the writing-about-playing-the-game stuff. This is a good problem to have, overall. And it also gives me an occasional excuse to share 5e mechanical stuff rather than tips and advice. So to whit:

New Hazards for 5e

I was working on hazards for CORE20 recently, and thought that some of the stuff I was coming up with would make an excellent conversion to 5e for GMs and players tired of the usual encounters with green slime and yellow mold. These new slimes and mosses are all inspired by some of the classic dungeon threats of previous editions (as reworking stuff from previous editions is something I love to do), but have a lot of potential for use in both dungeon campaigns and other adventures.

For GMs, enjoy! For players, run! And have fun either way.